Cheese Patties (Kasar Pane)

Cheese Patties (Kasar Pane)
Cheese Patties (Kasar Pane)

150-200 gr any kind of hard cheese (parmesan/ cheddar/ mozzarella)
½ cup flour, all purpose
2 eggs, beaten
¼ cup milk
1/3 cup oil

Slice the cheese in at least ½“ in thickness.
Heat the oil until it "crackles" when you throw a pinch of flour in.
In a bowl combine the eggs and milk. Soak the cheese in the mixture. Roll the wet cheese in a bowl of flour. You may have to use your hands and pack it on! It may help to put it back into the mixture then back into the flour. Cover as much as you can as thick as you can.
Place 2-3 sticks (floured) in the oil and fry until they're golden brown all over. Move quickly (turning every 20-30 seconds) or they'll melt.
Serve warm.

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