Kirma Borek (Shirred Borek)

Kirma Borek (Shirred Borek)
Kirma Borek (Shirred Borek)

5-6 Turkish Phyllo Dough (yufka)
250-300 gr feta/Mexican crumbling cheese, crumbled
1 cup yogurt
1-2 eggs
2/3-1/2 cup canola/olive oil

Open and spread a yufka over the counter. Cut it in half and apply some feta/crumbling cheese all over evenly. Then shirr each yufka piece from two interactively ends and bring into the middle. Cut it into 4 inch pieces and transfer them into a greased oven tray side by side . Do the same procedure for the other yufkas.
In a bowl, beat the eggs, yogurt and canola/olive oil. Pour this mixture evenly all over the borek. Bake in the preheated 350F (180 C) oven, till the surface turns light brown (for about 40-50 minutes.)
Serve Kirma Borek warm at breakfast, brunch, lunch and etc.

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