Turkish Sesame Bagel (Simit)

Turkish Sesame Bagel (Simit)
Turkish Sesame Bagel (Simit)

1 ½ cup lukewarm water
7 gr instant yeast
3 egg whites
1 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp salt
100 gr (7 tbsp) butter/margarine, soft in room temperature
3 ½ or 4 cups of all purpose flour
For topping:
½ cup sesame seeds
1/4 cup oil

In a bowl mix all the ingredients except flour. Then slowly add flour and knead for about 10 minutes. Form soft, elastic and sticky dough, then cover it with a clean cloth or plastic wrap. Leave for 1 hour in a warm place .
Place the dough on the counter and punch to release the air in it and cut into 8-10 pieces. With your palms round them and form little balls. Then with each ball make 30-40 cm long strips and form a ring shape by sticking the ends. Place some water in a wide plate (also you can add 1 tbsp of grape molasses) and sesame seeds in another plate. Dip one side of them into water and then to the sesame seed .
Place them on a baking tray with baking paper, making some room between each other and cover. Leave them for about 2 hours till the rings puff up and double in size.
Preheat the oven to 450 F (230C) and bake for 7-8 minutes, then reduce the heat to 400 F (So they will be soft inside, crunchy outside) and bake for 18-20 minutes until they are golden brown. When you take them out of the oven you can brush the top surfaces of Simits with some oil.
Serve warm with cream cheese or feta cheese, black olives andTurkish Tea. Simit is good to go at breakfasts or lunch.
Simit is a traditional and favorite pastry in Turkey.

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