Turkish Coffee (Turk Kahvesi)

Turkish Coffee (Turk Kahvesi)
Turkish Coffee (Turk Kahvesi)

1 tsp Turkish coffee
1 tsp sugar
1 Turkish coffee cup of purified water (see the picture)

Put the coffee and sugar in the coffeepot (cezve, see the picture ) and stir. Fill the Turkish coffee cup with water, leaving some room at the top. Then pour it to the cezve. Depending on how many cups of coffee you want, repeat the previous process.
Put cezve on high heat and stir with a spoon to let the sugar dissolve and coffee to mix with the water. When it starts being foamy on the surface, take some of the foam with a spoon and put into the coffee cup.( It is for a foamy Turkish coffee) When bubbles form on top and starts rising, take the cezve off the stove and pour the coffee into the cup.
There would be grinds at the bottom of the cup, do not drink this part.
You can serve the Turkish coffee with a glass of water and a piece of chocolate.

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