Turkish Tea (Turk Cayi)

Turkish Tea (Turk Cayi)
Turkish Tea (Turk Cayi)

1 tbsp Turkish Tea leaves
3 cups purified water
1 cup purified water (to wash the tea leaves)
A pinch of sugar

Fixing Turkish Tea With Caydanlik
Caydanlik (see picture) consists of two kettles. The small one is the brewer (demlik), to put the tea in and the larger is to boil the water.
First place the Turkish Tea leaves into the brewer and in order to obtain a clear, bright and healthy tea, wash them with purified water and then drain. Otherwise the immediate contact of the tea leaves with boiled water would result in the lost of the Vitamin C and affect the minerals in it. Also boiled water damages the tannin (tanen) material and it causes anaemia(kansizlik). Add a pinch of sugar to adjust the strongness of the tea.
Put the 3 cups of water in the larger kettle and put the brewer on top of it. Then place the caydanlik over medium heat and let the water boil. Pour the half of the boiled water into the brewer over the washed tea leaves. You can add some more water in the bottom kettle and boil it (if the water seems not enough). Let the tea brew for about 5-8 minutes over low heat.
Using a tea strainer, pour the tea to the tea glasses. Fill 1/3 of the glasses with tea and the rest with boiled water. You can adjust the brew amount as you like. You can use a few drops of lemon juice, for a lighter taste. Also you can add some sugar to taste.
To obtain aromatic taste you can add 1 tsp of bergamot to the brewer and 2-3 cloves to the water.

Fixing Turkish Tea With Coffee Machine
If you do not have caydanlik, you can try the coffee machine to make Turkish Tea. It will not be as delicious as the tea made with caydanlik, but it is an option. Just place the Turkish Tea Leaves where you normally put the coffee and use 4 cups of water. And start the machine. Meanwhile boil some water to adjust the lightness of the tea. When it is done you can adjust the tea with adding some boiled water. Pour the tea to the tea glasses or cups

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