Turkish Style Lemonade (Limonata)

Turkish Style Lemonade (Limonata)
Turkish Style Lemonade (Limonata)

2-3 lemon
1 cup sugar
2 lt (8-10 cup) water

Wash the lemons and slice them finely with the skins. Place one layer lemon slices on the bottom of a wide bowl (). Then spread half of the sugar on them (s). Then put another layer of sliced lemons ( and spread the remained sugar on top (). Cover the bowl with plastic wraps; make sure it is air and sun light tight.
Leave it all night long (10-12 hours). In the morning, you will see that the sugar is dissolved in the lemon juice. Then with a food processor smash the lemon slices with their skins. Add 8-10 cups of water and mix. Strain the mixture to remove the skins.
You can also adjust the sugar amount at the end. Serve lemonade cool with some ice.

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